We distribute world class motors are a leading manufacturer of AC and DC motor, servos for commercial and industrial applications. Our products are used in the most demanding applications, requiring performance, reliability and energy efficiency.

-Standard Motor IE1
-High Efficiency Motor IE2,IE3,IE4
-Explosion Proof Motor
-Flameproof EEx d (e)
-Increased safety EEx e
-Non-sparking EEx nA/Ex nA
-High Voltage Motor
-DC Motor

Europe Siemens Motor
New Generation 1LE1/1PC1 1
Standard motors
up to frame size 315 L 2
Non-standard motors
frame size 315 and above 3
Explosion-proof motors 4
Motors operating
with frequency converters 5
Pump motors 6
Fan motors 7
Compressor motors 8
Smoke-extraction motors 9
Marine motors 10
CHINA SIEMENS 1LG0 low voltage Motors up to 315L
SIMOTICS Low-Voltage Motors complete English 2014 1LE0

SIEMENS High Voltage Motor
1/3 H-compact
1/3 Order number code
1/4 Performance features
1/5 Cooling concepts
1/6 H-compact PLUS
1/6 Order number code
1/8 Performance features
1/10 Cooling concepts
1/12 Vario and Vario PLUS
1/12 Overview
1/13 General technical versions
1/13 Overview
Motor protection
Electrical version
Motor connection and terminal box
1/14 Motor terminal boxes
1/19 Mechanical design
Bearing version
Vibration response
Balancing quality
Direction of rotation, fan
Paint finish
Standards and regulations